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Why THINK DESIGN Workshop for Youth?

Phases of Design Thinking 

One-day engaging workshop where youth creatively attack wicked problems!

  • Allows students in mixed-school groups of  (4-6) to experience the process of design thinking as a tool to resolve human-based challenges.

  • Engages students’ creativity and curiosity as they adopt the design mindset.

  • Connects students with an unique method of                                               interpreting problems.

                                         How does Design Thinking Work?

      Phase I

      Empathy = Understanding + Observation - students talk to experts and conduct research. Then they use their experiences as a springboard as they address challenges. Next students observe how people behave and interact. This includes inquiries. Both understanding an observation allow the students to develop empathy.

      Phase II

      User + Need + Insights –students focus on people’s needs and develop insight around those needs. The outcome is a statement that defines how to make changes that will impact people’s experiences.

      Phase III

      Ideation – students brainstorm a myriad of ideas. No ideas are judged or rejected.

      The quantity of ideas is encouraged! Fun and interactive!!!

      Phase IV

      Prototype – students use tools, objects, drawings, models to convey their ideas quickly. We will provide a variety of tools to help students communicate their ideas clearly.

      Phase V

      Iterative testing –student test their prototypes, then return to the ideation and prototype phases to refine.

      (Source:, Stanford University)

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