Student Global Ambassador Program TM

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Accepting Nominations for Spring 2017!

Student leader candidates must be nominated by a parent or teacher. Nominated students must complete a brief application form and essay. Final candidates must submit a 250 word essay. Application deadline for Spring Class of 2017 is December 15, 2016. 

Leadership Series and Team Building Workshops

Motivated middle and high school student leaders develop and ultimately present an action plan/proposal for the upcoming SGAP Global Experience. Over five months, students meet via conference calls, in person, and virtually with their respective team and sub-team. 

Each session weaves in the theme of the 2030 sustainable development goals as defined by the United Nations. Student leaders selected the SGAP theme, develop the objectives, identify the audience and determine how best to convey their message to each group. They also design the day-of-activities and the expected outcome of the student experience. In the process, each student acquires team building skills, leadership skills, and keen presentation skills. Notwithstanding, they also have fun! 

Each face to face session includes an interactive component which fosters leadership, team spirit, and community outreach.

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