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USA Teens spend $61 Billion on food and $34 Billion on clothing each year

Informed teens can impact the way businesses choose to do business. Teens who choose to purchase from businesses who adopt fair trade practices, help farmers, artisans, families and themselves. 

For instance, the chocolate industry has made nearly a trillion U.S. dollars. According to the watchdog group Stop the Traffik, only 0.0075% of that money has been invested into improving the working conditions for children in West Africa.(source: CNN) Teens who choose to purchase fair trade help to improve working conditions and wages for their peers.




Fair Trade Essay: SGAP Student Leader-Sydney Bullock

Articles about Fair Trade

Directions (11/5/2015, FDU Madison Ave. Campus)

Meet Jacqueline Holmes who recently celebrated 10 years since establishing the private principal investment firm Midori Management, which she currently oversees, with a substantial portfolio in direct private transactions, public securities and hedge funds.   

Jacqueline is playing an active operating role most notably with Kopali Organics which is achieving great success as a young growing brand as it brings its incredibly delicious chocolate and fruit treats, grown and produced with organic, sustainable, fair-trade methods.

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