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The tornado here signifies the heinous crime of modern slavery. As a tornado spirals out of control, so is this crime against humanity. Most times victims such as the one on the poster are in bondage, both physically and mentally. They remain caught up in the eye of a storm that has devoured so many other innocent victims. 

Victims cry for help but nobody hears their cry because the tornado is too big and spiraling out of control. They are tagged and sold as you would merchandise at a department store, and disposed when their services are no longer needed.

Human trafficking is a crime against humanity, a heinous crime that is present in every country of this world. The collage of flags surrounding the tornado signifies that every country is affected by modern slavery. 

Modern slavery destroys lives. It is inhumane and unconstitutional. Therefore, it is our responsibility as part of society to look out for one another. There is a storm brewing right now and we need to educate our communities, our states, our nation and the world about this new form of slavery. (Survivor: Favour Nji)

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